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15th Jan '12

Ra.One wins the most coveted Screen award for Best VFX. Congrats to  the entire team.

31st Dec '11


19th Nov ‘11

Wife's Birthday Blast.Great to have some special family time after the super hectic Ra.One schedule.

26th Oct ‘11

The BIG DAY has arrived. Ra.One releases today !!!!!!!!!

23rd Oct ‘11

Amazing experience to catch the first look of Ra.One with SRK,Arjun and rest of the cast and crew at Yashraj Studio.

About Me


My tryst with the Visual Effects world started as child in 1989, when I had the opportunity to watch the marvelous sci-fi movies like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and the Flight of The Navigator. Watching the awesome spaceships do amazing effects, as a kid I was totally spellbound. 

Then came the era of superheroes like Batman and Superman, however my favorite was the action packed TERMINATOR series which had my adrenaline racing. My mind was filled with curiosity as how does realistic looking person melt down, be torn apart, and the epic first chase sequence was a pure joy to watch again and again. From there l heard the term CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), which to me was all a glamorous thing for sci-fi movies. However my ideas completely changed when I watched The JURASSIC PARK and the TITANIC and realized that this is definitely going to be a powerful story telling tool.

    On a personal front , by then I was tinkering with a software called  adobe Photoshop 4.0 and was really amazed to see the tools through which even I could do some stupid effects on some of the scanned images of my friends... cutting and swapping heads and bodies was real fun and probably my first composites ;) Regular inspirations kept flowing in the form of the Matrix and Lord of the Rings series and from that point onwards it has been a journey from the university specialization of Computer Science to Post Graduation in Visual Effects, all have been one step at a time to make my mark in this industry.        

My Goals
As a VFX Compositor my goal is to closely follow director's vision to bring as believability to the mix of various live action as well as CG elements (.. aka the piXel MAsaLa we create). To learn and share efficient production methodologies. To work on challenging international standards to make myself a better artist and a good VFX Supervisor someday.   
Life @ Redchillies.vfx
My journey with Redchillies.VFX is really enriching in terms of learning not just aspects of Nuke compositing but also team management and staying calm to handle intense pressure during tough deadlines. Got to work on Ra.One, the biggest Indian VFX movie till date. Responsible to deliver a huge number of CG SUIT multi pass EXR composites with a team of almost fresh nuke compositors.
Life @ Pixion
From a Trainee (2006) to a Senior Compositor, it was an amazing journey. Great camaraderie and amazing infrastructure. Learnt a great deal from all the talented supervisors and team mates. Had a chance to handle all kinds of complex composites and tight deadlines made be develop efficient ways to tackle the shots.   
Life @ GEON
Joined GEON Studio in July,2009. Awesome environment. A small bunch of seriously talented guys make up a great team. Recently wrapped up a Kamal Hassan starrer,called Unnaipol Oruvan and Eenadu.Currently onto some amazing sequences from Hollywood.
Post Grad @ ICAT
When I deiced to take up VFX seriously as a career, I wanted a full time Post Graduation program with good industry exposure and ICAT provided just that. The group projects were an ideal mock up to real world challenges that are faced on set... solving these issues in a team made me realize the importance of good working relationship with everyone.
University of Delhi
Had the most fun filled days pursuing the BIS degree from Delhi University. Our batch.. a group of 14 guys were a class apart in the entire college. The grueling curriculum and the lack of correct teaching aids made us all mavericks of sorts. Amidst a tough turmoil resolving the four year duration of the program, I made some genuine friends for life.
Schooling @ Ramjas
The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.” (...Tom Bodett). However Ramjas was different, under the able guidance of the teachers I learnt some basic principles of life and truth which I still believe in strongly. I am fortunate to have my building blocks in place and for which I will always be thankful to my teachers.
My Passion
Being a Gemini and true to its traits I have many varied interests from Watching movies, Dramatics, Creative Writing, Basketball etc .However my first love has always been Photography. Have been a point and shoot user for a long time and recently got my first DSLR(Nikon D90) to take my biggest passion to the next level.